Hail Damage On Roof

//Hail Damage On Roof

Hail Damage On Roof

Hail Damage On Roof

Roof Under Hail

A hail storm is, to every homeowner, one of the worst nightmares.  Hail can cause severe damage on your roof and there is no physical way to prevent it.  And what makes it even uglier is the cost of any reparation needed after just a few minutes of intense hail.  It can be really disastrous to your family budget and finances!

This is why, a smart homeowner will always consider several factors before an event occurs.    Hail season is a risk all homes face every year, and it is not a matter of “if”, but “when” it will happen.  There’s no better application of Coach John Wooden’s phrase “Build a shelter against a rainy day”.

Now is the best time to prepare against hail damage on your roof!

Making sure you are prepared is the best way you can protect your roof and your finances, making the event less painful.

A simple rule of thumb is this: if your car was at home during a hail storm and the dents it made are visible on the hood of your car, then your roof has hail damage.  And to make it worse, hail does shorten the life of the roof tremendously.  This will be reflected as a lot of granular loss.

Cabin after hail
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Follow these simple steps to be prepared

There are two participants that should jump into action after a catastrophic event such as the hail storm has occured: the insurance company (make sure you have one to protect all your assets!) and the roofing company.

  1. Have a roofing company picked out ahead of time to make the call when the time comes.  This will maximize the relief time and aggravation on your part.  Do your research by checking the BBB and never use out of town storm chasers, who may not be around to honor their warranties or complete the job.  Use local reputable companies whom you call and not someone who is knocking on doors.
  2. Be sure you have the proper coverage.  AN RCV (replacement cost value) policy is the best in my opinion.  This means that you can claim your recoverable depreciation once the roof is completed and you turn in a final invoice and or receipts or cancelled checks.  Discuss this with your insurance agent for a better understanding and clarification. An ACV policy (actual cost value) means you assume a larger part of the risk.  These policies are usually less cost up front and greater cost out of pocket in the case of an insurance claim. This is due to a nonrecoverable depreciation which means your out of pocket for more than your deductible.

After the hail damage has been identified on your roof, execute the following actions:

  • As soon as an event happens make the call to the insurance company.  You should call the claims department and request a claim number to document it.  This will save you a lot of time and energy, because all future communications about your claim will be quickly located through its number. It must also be on everything submitted to the insurance company to facilitate your claim go faster and easier.
  • Give a copy of the claim supplement to your roofing company for an accurate assessment. The letter you will receive from your insurance company tells you to do so. This will also allow for your roofer to submit for any missed damages from the adjuster and get you an accurate assessment. This is common as most adjustors are overbooked, under time limits to close the claim, and discrepancies are often found.  Just remember, the claim is not over until you accept the findings, most often there are additional items found by your contractor such as hail dents in gutters, window screens, window beading, etc.

This does not mean that when a check comes, you’re accepting the claim as closed.  Put the check in your bank immediately and wait until your comfortable with the outcome.  You still reserve the right to receive a supplement check if warranted.

Now that you have chosen your roofer, and received your claim, the work should go smoothly.

And remember All Star Roofing is prepared!

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Picking out the best roofing company is critical to keep your peace of mind, and your checkbook clear from unwanted expenses.

All Star Roofing serves Austin Metro, and many Central Texas cities, with the best quality, more than 40 years of experience, and a 5 year warranty that provide you peace of mind and the certainty that you will always be given the right solution to your needs.

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