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Multiple Flat Roof Options

Get a TPO white roof for your building that is the best roofing! Dorsey’s Unlimited Construction offers multiple types of flat roofs to suit your building’s specific needs. Get in touch with us today for a FREE estimate! We do full inspections before every roofing job.

Safe TPO Roofing

  • Code compliant
  • Highly reflective
  • Cost savings
  • Resistance to fire, chemicals, grease, high winds, punctures
  • Installation without building operation disruption
  • Professional installation from authorized contractors
  • Backed by the industry’s best warranties

best materials for roofing

Firestone SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

This roof type combines fatigue resistance and exceptional elongation with the strength of a glass-reinforced polyester mat to give you a roof that stands up against the elements. Choose granule surface colors like black, white, and more. This roof can be installed by heat welding, hot asphalt, cold-applied adhesive, or mechanical attachment.

Get a TPO white roof for your building

Firestone APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

Choose from a variety of thicknesses and smooth or granule surface types with APP roofing. This delivers great performance for new roof applications and reroofing alike with reinforcement from a tough, nonwoven polyester mat. Application of this roof can do done through heat welding or cold-applied adhesive.

Built-Up Roofing

Firestone offers Ply IV (4) M and Ply VI (6) M options for built-up roofing systems. These are asphalt impregnated, glass fiber mat felts that can protect your building. These can be used in combination with a flood coat, aggregate, or Modified Bitumen. Built-up roofing has superior durability and ease of application for roofing and reroofing.

Benefits of Selecting American WeatherStar

  • Reflectivity
  • Energy savings
  • Cooler roofs
  • Cooler interiors
  • Eliminates tear-offs
  • UV light resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Prolongs roof life
  • Durable
  • Weatherproofing
  • Meets EPA standards
  • UL approvedAlgae resistant
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