Common Metal Roof Problems and How to Prevent Them

//Common Metal Roof Problems and How to Prevent Them

Common Metal Roof Problems and How to Prevent Them

By Michael Abraham Joseph III

A metal roof system is a great choice for your home. It is durable, long-lasting and energy-efficient. At Dorsey’s Unlimited Construction, we install metal roofs using the best materials designed to withstand the elements. We ensure proper installation for your home’s optimal protection.


But just like any other type of roof, problems can occur throughout its life cycle. These are often beyond your control. This is why it is important to regularly inspect your roof. Learning about issues related to your metal roofing system can help you prevent them from the outset.

Here are the common metal roof problems and the ways to prevent them.

Oil Canning

Also referred to as elastic buckling, this problem occurs when the metal panel is over-stressed and unable to maintain its flatness. You can easily notice it because of the roof’s wavy appearance. Fortunately, this issue can be reduced, especially before installing the roof.Dorsey’s Unlimited Construction can suggest a thicker metal for your roofing system.


Whether in a metal or an asphalt roofing system, leaks are common issues in your home. With metal roofs, leaks are mostly caused by poor installation. Incorrect placement of fasteners, use of low-quality sealants and inadequate flashings can cause water to seep through the roofing system.

Be sure to check for these when inspecting your roof. At the first sign of leaks, call our CERTIFIED roofers as soon as possible. We may either correct some problems through repairs or reroof your home depending on the damage caused by the leaks.


Metal roofs are treated with a special coating that limits water exposure. Despite this, corrosion may still occur on your roofing system over its lifetime. Rust is removable, but if the corroded area is vast, talk to our roof repair professionals for help in fixing the problem.

It really helps to be aware of these potential problems for your metal roof. If any issue occurs, hireDorsey’s Unlimited Construction for your roof repair or replacement. We ensure top-notch workmanship from beginning to end.


Source: Texas Certified

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